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LtSpice Potentiometer Model

It takes about 20 seconds to put a potentiometer model in LtSpice. I have no idea why it wasn’t included. Regardless….

— Download the “Pot” folder at

— Find your C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\Documents\LTspiceXVII\lib\ folder
— Place pot.asy in your “sym” folder. C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\Documents\LTspiceXVII\lib\sym\
— Place pot.sub in your “sub” folder. C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\Documents\LTspiceXVII\lib\ sub\
— Click the text tool. Select “SPICE Directive” and paste in .include pot.sub.
— Restart LTspice
— Creat a new schematic. Press F2. You should see “Pot”.

The wiper is on a 0-1 scale. 1 = 100%. 0.5 = 50%.
There is a glitch that occurs if a resistor is 0 ohms in LtSpice. So, this pot actually is limited from 0.001 – 0.999 so don’t freak out if your values are off by 0.1% on extreme settings.

#006: A Big Mess of Electronics

This episode had no big theme, but many small ones.

— I’m redoing this podcast because of noise and why that is GREAT!
— I finally hooked a MIDI controller to Reagan Revenge.
— Last week’s Youtube video was Can You Reflow Solder In The Kitchen?
— Fear of selecting wrong platform (comment on Embedded.FM)
— A programmer without a power source
— Going back to Python
— Talk about e-gas
— Knipex Tools lead catcher plies to keep you from shooting your eye out
— Finish the code before you start the “real” hardware

#005: Arduino Programming In Pro Products?

Does the Arduino programming language have any place in professional products? This is a topic that comes up frequently for people that have a cool idea and feel the pull of product design but feel like maybe they are wimping out if they were to choose Arduino over Embedded C. Embedded C certainly has performance benefits, but that comes with costs of its own….TIME! In this podcast, I rant and rave incoherently about when Arduino programming should be used and should not be used when developing a product. I also talk about wool socks, heating pads, and dinosaur eggs.

#004 – PlatformIO For Arduino

The creators of the Arduino IDE made decisions to “simplify” their software. Essentially, they designed the Arduino IDE to have minimal barriers to entry on the first use. Unfortunately, this omits features that would be critical to almost anyone on their third use of the tool. In this episode, I ramble about why I love the PlatformIO IDE for VSCode when programming on the Arduino framework.

#003 – Raspberry PI Pico vs Blue Pill

Last week I raved at just how much I love the STM32 Blue Pill. It’s my favorite microcontroller! Well, we have a new contender. Will the Raspberry PI Pico knock the STM32 Blue Pill from its pedestal? Find out in another action-packed Electron Injection Podcast episode. (rolled eyes)