Reagan’s Revenge – World’s Worst Synth


I’ve set out to design the worst sounding synth in the world.  So far I have not succeeded.

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The check is in the mail.  I promise.  Sure, this project will be done any day now.  [This is my way of saying that this is work in progress.]

Ronald is back and this time he’s not happy….or senile.

The goal:  Make a hardware music synthesizer that is just as a Moog with none of the desirable sonic attributes.  That’s not completely true.  The chip I’ve used for this synth has its good qualities.  So do dogs that that just ate your laptop or wives that ran off with the pool boy.  That’s the goal here.  This synth must sound terrible or I wasted my time.

Tha’s all you get.  Check back with me in a month or two.

Actually, that’s not all you get.  Here’s the current cartoon version of the face plate.


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